Soil fiber optic alarm sensor for outdoors.

> Protects outdoor soil areas.

> A totally hidden sensor.

> Low depth burying.

> Whatever perimeter form available.

> 1 to 500 meter per zone (1 to 1640 feet).

> 1 to 127 Km perimeter lenght ( 1 to 79 Miles).

> Electromagnetic phenomena -proof.

> Moisture and dust do not affect the behaviour.

> Heavy-duty and reliable.

LEOPARD SOIL is an alarm sensor for outdoor soils. This system is able to detect the small pulse generated by a step on the sensitive area. In this way when the vibration transmited to the sensitive cable fits with the alarm conditions the analyzer makes an ALARM.

LEOPARD SOIL is discrete and undetectable, in this way this system keeps the aspect of your garden or perimeter having a cutting-edge alarm system at the same time.

LEOPARD SOIL can be easily installed by spreading the cable on sensitive area, then you have to cover the cable with gravel or similar, and finally connecting the analyzer.

Gravel 2-6 cm (1-2 Inch.)
Small gravel < 2cm (< 1 inch)
Ornamental stones
ProcessorDual microcontroller.
Voltage and consumption18-48Vdc. / <5w.
Operating temperature.-20º C to +70º C.
Auxiliary Inputs3 Digital Inputs.
Outputs3 x 2 x 2 dry contacts 230Vac/0,3A.
Monitor and setup connection...xx = ” “ USB type B (Small perimeters with relay connection).
...xx = ”C“ USB & dual RS485 with signal regeneration (Big perimeters).
...xx = ”IP” USB & IP (RJ45) (All kind of perimeters).
Power failure controlYes, with external UPS 12v battery connection with charge surveillance. (”BATT01”)
Setup and Monitor
(for installers)
Yes, with “Leopard Perimeter” software.
Standard connections1u. Audio plug
1/2u. Fiber ST plug.
3u. 18-48Vdc Power plug.
1u. External UPS battery plug.
1u. 3 Input plug.
1u. 2 Relay 2 switched contact plug.
1u. USB plug.
Other connections
(Depends on model)
2u. RS485 plugs.
1u. IP (RJ45) plug.
Sensitive fiberLeopard Multimode.
Event & alarm memory6 months / 200 events.
Auxiliary units for big perimeters.Master units (M210IP, M217)
Relay unit (R220)
Alarm & status monitoring softwareYes, with “ Leopard API” & “Leopard Control Center” software.