About us


Our Philosophy

As a multidisciplinary R & D company we seek to develop innovative products in the security sector. Together with the complicity of our customers we deliver a final product of the highest quality and fully adapted to your needs. We do not want to be the biggest, we want to be the best.

Our History

The first Leopard unit was installed in 2004. This initial site was a radio broadcast antenna in Spain, but subsequently covered the entire network of these antennas across the country. The commercialization of Leopard units has been handled by different companies, first by Sallen Electrónica, later by Perimetral Sallén Tecnologies, followed by Grupo Sallén Tech, and currently by Access to Quality SLU (since 2016). Regardless of these changes, the Leopard design team has remained the same. This has guaranteed continuity in product development.


Our site

Main headquarters of A2Q (Access to Quality) are located in Monzón (Huesca), in the north of Spain (EU). Camino del Sosa Num. 2. We dispose of a worldwide dealer network that can be found in the “Partners” menu option.

Product sales

We are designers and manufacturers of our systems, however we always rely on a Security Installer or distributor for sales. We are not interested in direct sales to end customers, but we are interested in your opinion. If you are an end customer and want to tell us something please contact info@leopardperimeter.com.

If you want to be an Installer or Dealer please contact info@leopardperimeter.com.