Fiber optic for intruder detection on fences.

> Your existing fence becomes an intruder alarm.

> For fences from 10 meters up to 100 kilometers around.

> 1 to 400 meter surveillance zones.

> Wide range of sensor cables to avoid additional wiring and costs

> Integrated weather filter.

> Easy installation and setup.

> Heavy duty and reliable.

LEOPARD FENCE is a sensor alarm system for perimeter fencing, transforming your metal fence in a perimeter intrusion sensor. Simply connect your metal fence with our sensor cable and connect electronic LEOPARD FENCE, this will identify the vibrations of an intrusion in the perimeter.


LEOPARD FENCE is able to detect the smallest vibrations produced for example by wire cutting. At the same time, the system discriminates between such intrusions and natural factors such as strong winds


LEOPARD FENCE uses sophisticated analysis algorithms for wave shape detection and a spectral discrimination that makes this system extremely reliable even in the most challenging situations.

Chain-link fence
All kind (single, double, plastic cover, galvanized)
Rigid or electro welded mesh
Fence made of rods or plates fixed to each other.
Special fences (fiberglass or rigid plastic compounds)
This kind of fence is used in perimeters with low electromagnetic disturbances.
Fence on wall top
Any of the above attached to the top of a perimeter wall. This is a good option to increase wall security.
ProcessorARM microcontroller.
Voltage and consumption15-48Vdc. / <5w.
Operating temperature.-40º C to +75º C.
AnemometerIt is no needed, virtual anemometer inside with sensitivity in the entire zone.
Auxiliary Inputs2-4 Digital Inputs.
Outputs2-7 dry contacts 120Vac/0,3A.
Monitor and setup connection...xx = ” “ USB type B (Small perimeters with relay connection).
...xx = ”C“ USB & dual RS485 with signal regeneration (Big perimeters).
...xx = ”IP” USB & IP (RJ45) (All kind of perimeters).
Power failure controlYes, with external UPS 12v battery connection with charge surveillance. (”BATT01”)
Setup and Monitor
(for installers)
Yes, with “Leopard Setup” software.
Standard connections2-4u. Fiber ST plug.
1u integrated connector with 15-48Vdc Power plug.
External UPS battery .
Inputs. Relays.
1u. USB plug.
Other connections
(Depends on model)
2u. RS485 plugs.
1u. IP (RJ45) plug.
Sensitive fiberLeopard Multimode.
Event & alarm memory1000 events.
Auxiliary units for big perimeters.Master units (M210IP, M217)
Relay unit (R220)
Alarm & status monitoring softwareYes, with “ Leopard API” & “Leopard Control Center” software.